Palermo Street Art flies to Athens!

From 24th to 28th January Athens hosted the final meeting of the program Tandem Europe dedicated to the cultural management cooperation in Europe. On Friday, 27th, in the hall of the Bageion Hotel in the central Omonia Square, PUSH, Bepart and Mjestimice svjetlo, partners and promoters of the project “Light Path”, set up a photographic exhibition in augmented reality, to show some of the outcomes of the workshop “Call For (AR)tist”, developed during the last December at the Modern Art Gallery of Palermo with the support of the Polytechnic University of Palermo.

A selection of pictures of 10 street art works in Palermo “adopted” by designers and artists who attended the workshop, gave the visitors the chance to find out – through a dedicated app – the multimedia contents associated to every single work.

During the exhibition we also distributed some paper maps with the highlightings of the digital contents that build the first augmented reality tour exclusively dedicated to street art.

Very soon we’ll have more information about the launch of the tour in Palermo.