Saturday, February 18th, Sanlorenzo Mercato in Palermo, will host the World IA Day (World Information Architecture Day), international event that happens simultaneously and worldwide in 65 cities and 29 countries. The event, promoted annually by the Information Architecture Institute, aims to disseminate the main themes at the base of Information Architecture, discipline that deals with the structure, logic and sense of information, both in physical and digital sphere. During the event, different speakers who, for various reasons, deal with these themes on a local and national level, will present their experience.

The main topic will be: Information Strategy and Structure. The speakers will talk about access to information, clarity of contents and usability of services. Street Art Factory will be one of the examples presented; starting from the presentation of the digital and paper map tested in Palermo, Mauro Filippi will address the issue of findability of information in the Urban Art field and the use of augmented reality as a tool to transform cities into innovative diffused museums.

Among the speakers there will be also Tony Fontana, who will talk about the concept of Sound Information Architecture, Yvonne Bindi who will talk about the Usability of words and Gaetano Lombardo who will discuss about the network of products and manufacturers.

The organization of the event Wiad Palermo is carried out in collaboration by PMO coworking, PUSH, FabLab Palermo and UX Book Club Palermo.

Here you can register for free to attend.