Urban Creativity day, PUSH + Emergency Palermo

On Sunday, May 14th, during the Settimana delle Culture, PUSH and Emergency Palermo Group, in collaboration with Sguardi Urbani and Bepart, promote a day of activity entirely focused on urban creativity through a rich program of walks, exhibitions, movie projections and book presentations in between the old town of Palermo and the Cantieri Culturali della Zisa.

“Augmented” Street Art Tour

h. 10/11.30 – 12/13.30 – PIAZZA MARINA – EMERGENCY PALERMO

Starting from Emergency Palermo office – Piazza Marina n. 71 – the one-and-a-half-hour walk includes a guided tour by PUSH and Sguardi Urbani to discover the great urban art heritage stratified over the last few decades on the wall of the Vucciria, Ballarò and Kalsa districts. During the tour will also be presented the Augmented Reality animations of some street art works created by palermitan artists and designers during the Public Imagination workshop “Call for (AR)tist”, promoted by PUSH in collaboration with Bepart. There are two different tours planned (from 10 to 11.30 and from 12 to 13.30), open to a maximum of 20 people each.

The event is free. To attend the tour please send an email to : [email protected].

It will also be possible to make a donation to the Emergency Outpatient Clinic in Palermo.

“Borgo Vecchio Factory” docu-film projection


After the debut at the Human District Festival in Belgrade (Serbia) and the screenings during the Arroios Film Festival in Lisbon (Portugal), Mic Genero in Mexico City (Mexico), Acampadoc of Villa De Los Santos (Panama), Favara Farm Film Festival (AG) and International Short Film Festival of Montecatini (RO), the documentary comes for the first time in Palermo. The mid-lenght film, made by The Piranesi Experience, tells the story of Borgo Vecchio Factory and describe how the project, financed through a crowdfunding campaign, has been conducted in recent years by PUSH and Per Esempio Onlus in collaboration with Ema Jons and many other artists. By involving kids in urban art activities, the project have revitalized the neighborhood Borgo Vecchio turning it into an open-air museum.

It will be also possible to make a donation to the Borgo Vecchio Factory project for the activation of creative restoration workshops to preserve, with the help of the children, the street art works of the neighborhood.

Urban Creativity talk


The discussion aims to show some recent examples and projects made in the city of Palermo and in general in Sicily, linked to urban art and creativity. The following projects will be presented:

web, maps and augmented reality tours

Thanks to the Street Art Factory project, the city of Palermo has for the first time a paper as well as a digital thematic map dedicated to street art and people have now the opportunity to directly support artistic-educational activities related to urban spaces. During a workshop called “Call for (AR)tist”, held by PUSH, Bepart and Mjestimice Svjetlo in December 2016 at the Gallery of Modern Art of Palermo, 30 young designers, artists and students created some interesting augmented reality animation which now are part of the first “augmented” tour of Palermo. During the meeting the street art maps will be distributed and an interactive photographic exhibition, which was set up in Athens last December, will be inaugurated.

Book presentation by the authors: M. Filippi, M. Mondino, L. Tuttolomondo

During the meeting will be presented the most recent Sicilian publication about the theme of urban creativity: a complete overview of the urban art of the Island. From muralism festivals to abandoned factories, from posters to stencils, from large coastal cities to small inland towns, Street Art in Sicilia presents many urban art experiences made in different contexts. An updated archive/guide of works that tells and shows through photos, maps and thematic and monographic insights, the urban creativity made in Sicily.

For further information visit Dario Flaccovio Editore