Let’s start with the first poster art workshop

Fall is beginning with positive vibes. We start with the first activity promoted by Street Art Factory.

Thanks to the campaign launched some months ago on our platform, selling three limited edition of silk screen posters by the artist Poki, in collaboration with the Outpatient Clinic and the Volunteers Group of Emergency Palermo, on the 27th-28th-29th of September, we’re gonna make the first poster art workshop for kids.

An opportunity to mix street art and social innovation, the workshop will trigger outpatient clinic’s children fantasy to imagine a more beautiful and inclusive city.

The workshop will lead the kids to the art language, by taking hints from the context and from the art materials, to make their own artworks. Afterwards the young artists, led by Poki, will stick up their posters inside the Emergency structure and in the hood.

We thank all the people who have supported this project by buying the artworks on the platform.