An opportunity to mix street art and social innovation, the workshop will trigger outpatient clinic’s children fantasy to imagine a more beautiful and inclusive city.
The workshop will lead the kids to the art language, by taking hints from the context and from the art materials, to make their own artworks. Afterwards the young artists, led by Poki, will stick up their posters inside the Emergency structure and in the hood.


In April 2006 EMERGENCY opened an Outpatient Clinic in Palermo, Sicily, to guarantee free healthcare to migrants, whether with or without residence permit. The clinic is open to anyone in need.
Other than a few professionals that are necessary to organize and give continuity to the services, both the medical and non medical staff of the Outpatient Clinic are unpaid professional volunteers.
All services provided at EMERGENCY’s Outpatient Clinic in Palermo are free of charge.
The Palermo Clinic is dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Lo Porto, man of peace killed by the folly of war.


For Christmas 2016, Street Art Factory asked Poki to make three limited edition silk screen posters.
Every 50 artworks sold a workshop will be activated, the first one will be realized with Emergency.
Moreover, for each silk screen posters purchased 10 € will be donated to the organization to fund the project Emergency Italy.